In the second part of our deep dive into dream-making, I sit down with Dan Pilver who is one of the founders and owners of Magic Number. If you’re not familiar with Dan’s company, Magic Number creates craft-brewed, cannabis-infused beverages—which are all handmade in Bend, Oregon.

I specifically wanted to sit down with Dan because Dan is someone who started a company while at the same time working a full-time job. And, Dan continues to work his full-time job, while continuing to build his company, Magic Number.

One of the many reasons why I admire Dan so much is that within working a full-time job and running a company, Dan exudes energy that is calm and inviting. As you’ll learn, his life is not all about work, but also about his community, friends, family, his dogs, and connection. I like this so much because I know for me, when I am extremely busy with my work, I can get into a bad habit of believing I don’t have enough time for community or connecting. But in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about it?

Johnny joined me for this interview as well, since he too is friends with Dan. We met at BendTech—my community workspace here in town for a cup of coffee.

Here's to all of our dreams becoming our reality,


Shelly Roby