What's Burning in You? | 3 MONTHS LEFT

📸of me @ my gym before a grueling weight training session.

📸of me @ my gym before a grueling weight training session.

Happy Fall! 🍁

If you've been following along, you know we are almost in our final stretch of our What’s Burning in You? Project. For the past three months we’ve been working on our 2019 year goals together. How's it going?

One of my goals this year is to train for, and run a 10K. I want to wrap up this year the strongest I’ve ever been in my life. I've been tracking my health journey and progress on my Instagram stories. After 24 hours the Instagram story disappears, which in my opinion, is genius. 

RIGHT NOW: Take a few moments and look back on what you accomplished these past three months (July, August, and September). What can you celebrate? Put another way—ask yourself, “Am I a better version of myself than I was three months ago?” If yes, you’ve won! If no, you know what you need to work on and what you need to do (and sometimes that means asking for help).  

These last three months of the year—October, November, & December—will be our last push of the year together. During these last few days of September, I encourage you to find a few minutes and reflect on the following:

  • What are 1-3 things I want to carry over to complete in these final three months of the year (October, November, December)?

  • What are 1-3 things I am absolutely clear about wanting to accomplish / be / feel in the final three months of the year?

I created this PDF for you to capture the top three goals you want to complete by the end of 2019. After you print this out, cut out one of the boxes where you wrote out your top three goals and keep in your pocket, your wallet, or taped to your bathroom mirror—wherever you will be reminded most. 

It’s exciting and motivating to know that YOU have control over what you are able to accomplish in your life (and this year), how you want to feel, and who and what you want to be in this lifetime. 

You have the power. It’s not up to anyone else, and it is no one else’s responsibility. Your life is 100% your responsibility and if you want a different life, it’s up to you to change it. 

I still have so much I want to accomplish these last three months of the year, and because of that, I’m 100% fired up! Every Monday I will send out an email to my community to keep us fired up until the end of the year. If you are not already part of my email community, you can sign up above, at the top of the page, where it says—“subscribe.”

Join me, and a community of others who are ***FREAKING DETERMINED*** to finish the year stronger than we’ve ever been before. Ultimately, it’s all about us ending better than we started, right? 

How do you want to end your year? Whether it is running a 10K, completing an unfinished project that’s been in your closet for years, learning to meditate, cooking once a week for your family, or feeling more peaceful in your life—you are in control if you do it or not, no one else.

Here's to the next three months together! Let's inspire one another. ✨


Shelly Roby